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I began my law enforcement career as a U.S. Army Military Police Patrol Dog Handler in 1975 and ultimately retired as the 40th Police Commissioner for the City of New York in December 2001, some 26 years later.

Throughout my career, I have seen one K-9 program after another, in various police, military and civilian organizations and have met some of the best trainers in the world, but I have never met anyone as accomplished and experienced as John Soares.

For the past three years he has trained the German Shepherds that protect my family and me and I couldn’t ask for more. His knowledge, experience and expertise in the field is unparalleled and is only over-shadowed by his personal touch that has helped my wife and kids feel more comfortable around working dogs.
I have, and would recommend John Soares to anyone that requires professional dog training at the highest levels. You will not find better.

Bernard Kerik and John Soares training German Shepherd

Bernard B. Kerik

Police Commissioner, City of New York (retired)

Paul D'Auria

K9 Family Security Dogs of NJ is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add an extra layer of security to their home. Their team of experts provide top-of-the-line protection dogs trained to the highest standards and with impeccable temperament, suitable for families of all sizes. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and professional, and work hard to ensure that customers receive the service they deserve. We have had first hand experience with K9 Family Security Dogs and can confidently say that it is a company we would recommend to our friends and family.

Precourt Family

We recently had a break-in in our neighborhood and decided to look into getting a family protection dog from K9 Family Security Dogs of NJ. After speaking with their trainers, they provided us with a highly trained dog that has been a loyal friend and protector ever since. The temperament is impeccable, and the team at was incredibly knowledgeable and professional in helping us find the dog that best suited our needs and lifestyle. We are extremely pleased with our decision to go with K9 Family Security Dogs of NJ, and we would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking  for rock solid home security.

Sgt Mike Krzywicki, Kingston PD

I am pleased to say that back in May of 2010, I was contacted by John who told me he believed he found me the dog I was looking for right down to the color of the dog I requested. My trainer and I went to see John and were very pleased with what we saw John had done with the dog in such a short time. John was very concerned about our needs and was more interested in selling me a dog that worked for me than with making a business deal.