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When it comes to safeguarding your family, our highly trained protection dogs are always prepared to act. Our expert team is dedicated to assisting you in selecting the ideal protection dog tailored to your requirements. Whether you are seeking a German Shepherd, Doberman, or Giant Schnauzer, our wide variety of breeds and bloodlines ensures a perfect fit. With our comprehensive training and ongoing support, you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are shielded from potential harm. Trust us to provide an exceptional experience with our skilled and dependable protection dogs.

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Top-Rated Family Protection Dogs in New Jersey

 K9 Family Security Dogs of New Jersey has proudly served families and business owners in New Jersey and surrounding states for more than 30 years. Our skilled, protection dog trainers and breed experts have multiple decades of expertise in training dogs to protect the family, provide a high-level security deterrent, and a K9 companion and best friend for the home. From protection dog sales to advanced home security dog training, our professionals will be ready to tackle the concern. We’re also available in both North Jersey and South Jersey, depending on if you’re coming to us from New York City, Connecticut, or Philadelphia.

Family protection dog

Family Protection Dogs

Our family protection K9s are trained for family life and real world scenarios.

German Shepherd Protection Dog

Executive Protection K9s

Comprehensive obedience. Comprehensive protection. Targeted & advanced threat protection.

German Shepherd companion K9s

Specialized Companion K9

Low threat security situations. Lots of love and companionship. Comprehensive obedience.

Trained Protection Dogs for Sale

Our family protection dogs are highly trained to assess and respond to potential danger while keeping the family they protect safe. Our training program focuses on ensuring that these dogs understand the difference between real-life threats and friendly encounters with strangers, so as not to become overly aggressive towards people during an inappropriate time. We use multi-faceted reinforcement methods to teach our dogs basic to advanced obedience commands, as well as how to recognize various types of cues from their environment. For example, our dogs are taught to be alert for suspicious activity and bark when necessary, but also how to remain calm when nothing out of the ordinary is happening. To ensure our dogs react properly in any situation, we train them extensively in realistic scenarios such as running errands with their owner or going for a walk in a busy park. This way they can make appropriate decisions based on the situation at hand rather than becoming fearful or aggressive towards every person they meet.
protection dogs for sale in nj

Personal and targeted approach

Obedience Trained

Our protection K9s are trained in basic obedience with a rock-solid foundation to build onto.

Off Leash Trained

Our protection K9s are trained in off leash control when having them on leash isn’t practical.

Real Life Trained

Our protection dogs are trained in real life environments and not just on a training field.

Balanced Drives

Our family protection dogs have reliable on/off switches to be able to perform when required.

German Shepherd protecting a child.
German Shepherd family protection dog smiling up.
German Shepherd puppy training to become a protection dog.
German Shepherd protecting a young child.
New Jersey German Shepherd smiling after training.

About us

Protection Dog Trainer in New Jersey

In response to the rising crime rates in New Jersey and the surrounding regions, especially in big cities like Manhattan, John founded K9 Family Security Dogs of New Jersey, LLC. He recognized the potential of a family protection dog trained with his specialized methods to save lives and reduce criminal activity throughout the Tri-State area. Thus, he embarked on a mission to create a business that provides these services.

With a highly skilled team of professionals, John has successfully built an organization that offers families safe family protection dogs, giving them peace of mind. K9 Family Security Dogs of New Jersey, LLC is committed to providing customers with high-quality protection dogs that are trained to handle any situation. By leveraging John’s unique training methods, the company ensures that their protection dogs excel at detecting and deterring threats, keeping families safe from harm.


What our clients say

Tony Schiozzi, Retired Sgt. NYPD

I strongly recommend that if you are looking for the best dog trainer, and the Harvard of dog training, please consider John Soares as both you and your K-9 companions best friend and teacher. John’s methods are humane, proven and effective and in the long run cost effective.

Bernard B. Kerik Police Commissioner, City of New York (retired)

Throughout my career, I have seen one K-9 program after another, in various police, military and civilian organizations and have met some of the best trainers in the world, but I have never met anyone as accomplished and experienced as John Soares.

Sgt Mike Krzywicki, Kingston PD

I am pleased to say that back in May of 2010, I was contacted by John who told me he believed he found me the dog I was looking for right down to the color of the dog I requested. My trainer and I went to see John and were very pleased with what we saw John had done with the dog in such a short time. John was very concerned about our needs and was more interested in selling me a dog that worked for me than with making a business deal.