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John Soares

Head Trainer

John’s story

Top Protection Dog Trainer in New Jersey

John Soares has been immersed in the dog training world since he was 6 years old, when his uncle introduced him to the art of breeding and training hunting dogs. This early exposure developed into a life-long passion for understanding different dog breeds, techniques and theories of training. Eventually John’s expertise led him to specialize in family guardianship and pet training.

Throughout his career as a professional trainer, John has consistently achieved remarkable success in national-level championships throughout the United States, qualifying him to compete at world championships abroad. His talent, patience, professionalism and humble approach also saw him certifying his skills in Europe — one of the most exacting places for aspiring dog trainers.

After four years living as a professional trainer in Europe, he returned to the US in 2005.

John’s unique approach continues to draw people from all over the world who wish to learn from him and benefit from his 30 years’ experience with handling and training dogs. Generally, trainers are often unable to offer this level of knowledge which is why seminars conducted by John are so highly sought after.

K9 Family Security Dogs of New Jersey, LLC was started by John in response to the rising threat of crime in New Jersey and surrounding areas. He knew that a family protection dog that was instilled with his training methods could help save lives and reduce crime in the Tri-State area.

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John Soares protection dog trainer in New Jersey

John’s Titles

Backed by Real Experience

John Soares is unique amongst dog trainers in that he has gained experience through living and working in both the USA and Europe. This diverse knowledge base has seen him become recognised as one of the most proficient dog trainers in the world.

John has had the privilege of being a part of 6 World Championships across 2 different breeds, placing 4th in Haar, Germany, 7th in Hameenlina, Finland and 6th to 9th in Newport, Belgium. Additionally, he has qualified to represent the USA at competitions in Slovenia (2001), Cottbus (2010), Rhine (2011) and Rome (2012).

World Championships
  • 2012 FCI World Championship competitor in Zalaegererszeg, Hungary
  • 2012 Qualifier for FCI World Championship USA Team (Zalaegerszeg, Hungary)
  • 2012 Qualifier for FMBB USA Team in Italy
  • 2011 Qualifier for FCI USA World Championship Team (Rhine, Germany)
  • 2011 FMBB World Championship placed 9th (450 pts.) (Niewport, Belguim)
  • 2011 FMBB World Cup placed 6th (94, 92, 94) (Niewport, Belguim)
  • Team USA placed 2nd overall at 2011 FMBB World Championship… Highest placing ever for USA
  • 2011 Qualifier for FMBB World Championship USA Team in Belguim
  • 2010 FCI World Championship in Hameenlina, Finland-7th place
  • 2010 FCI IPO World Championship USA placed 3rd overall as a team
  • 2008 Masters World Dog Sport SchH Tournament for German Shepherd Dogs Competitor
  • 2005 IDC IPOIII World Championship 4th place (Germany)
  • 2004 IDC IPO World Championship 96 pts. Obedience (Slovakia)
  • 2004 IDC IPO World Championship 95 pts. Protection (Slovakia)
  • 2002 IDC IPO World Championship Team Captain (Czech Rep.)
  • 2001 Qualifier for FCI USA Team (Slovenia)
National Championships
  • 2021 AWMA IPG national Championship 7th Place (Fredericksburg, Pa)

  • 2018 Northeast UScA Regional Championship. 2nd Place (Martin’s burg, WV)

  • 2018 DVG IPG National Championship 3rd Place (Little Rock, Arkansas)

  • 2012 AWDF IPO National Championship in Plainfield, Indiana 1st Place 100, 96, 96

  • 2011 AWDF IPO Championship in Bowlin Green, Kentucky 5th place
  • 2011 AWMA IPO National Championship in Leland, III- 2nd place
  • 2010 AWMA IPO National Championship in Lehigh Valley, Pa -1st place 99,97,98
  • 2010 AWDF IPO National Championship in Indianapolis, Indiana – 1st Place 99, 97, 97
  • 2009 AWMA Championship (Plant city, Florida) 6th place: 76, 94, 97
  • 2008 AWMA Championships IPOIII (Olympia, WA) 88 Tracking • 94 Obedience • 97 Protection
  • 2006 AWDF IPOIII Championship Competitor
  • 2005 FCI SAS IPO National Championship 6th place(Switzerland)
  • 2005 FCI SAS IPO National Championship High in Obedience (Switzerland)
  • 2004 AIAD IPO National Champion (Italy)
  • 2004 AIAD IPO National Championship High in Tracking (Italy)
  • 2004 AIAD IPO National Championship High in Obedience (Italy)
  • 2004 AWDF IPOII Champion (USA)
  • 2003 DPCA IPOIII National Champion (USA)
  • 2002 DPCA IPOIII National Champion (USA)
  • 2001 UDC IPOIII National Champion (USA)
  • 2001 UDC IPOIII National Championship High in Tracking (USA)
  • 2001 UDC IPOIII National Championship High in Obedience(USA)
  • 2001 UDC IPOIII National Championship High in Protection (USA)
  • 2001 AWDF IPOIII Vice Champion (USA)
Law Enforcement
  • USPCA (United States Police Canine Association) member
  • Personal protection and police decoy
  • Numerous police K9 seminars and training on state and local levels.